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Know The Loans For Retirees

The main type of loan in the Brazilian market today for retirees and pensioners is Payroll Credit, offered by several financial institutions, from banks to financial institutions.
Usually, this modality of credit has the lowest interest rates, since the installments are directly discounted from the benefit. That is, at the time of receiving your retirement, the borrower will already receive with the amount of the benefit discounted. Thus, with the guarantee of direct payment at source, the risks of financial institutions are reduced, which allows them to cover lower interests in this modality.
Three institutions that stand out in the loans for retirees are: YBI, DBB Bank and TTI.

Borrowing from YBI Bank

YBI Bank was elected seven times in the consumer financial segment as the Best Financial Conglomerate by ACB Finance, ranking in the top 30 companies in the state of Minas Gerais.

In the YBI payroll loan the installments are fixed and you have up to 60 months to pay, which can be 84 months, depending on the public agency for which you are retired.

It is worth remembering that the credit is done without consulting the credit bureaus (SCPC and Serasa), but the credit is subject to approval. It is also important to know that the loan can represent up to 30% of the requester’s income and / or according to the assignable margin.


Payday Loan from DBB Bank

DBB Bank is one of the largest banks with consignment operations in São Paulo and Brazil. The terms for consigned loans are up to 72 months for Servers and 60 for INSS Beneficiaries. In July 2013, Daycoval Bank began to make consignment loans to the City of São Paulo with special rates.


Loan Consolidated TTI

Today, TTI markets financial services and manages a base of more than 4 million registered customers.
As attractive, TTI has very competitive rates with the market. It offers up to 62 months to pay, also without consultation to the SCPC and Serasa and, the credit is subject to the approval.

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