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Loan Free Use: So Your Financing Remains A Private Affair

The choice of earmarked loans has never been so great. No matter whether you want to buy a car, finance a degree course or even buy a property: Numerous banks offer suitable financing solutions. However, there is a catch, namely the coupling to the financing purpose. The bank knows exactly why the loan is being taken out.


To record loans discreetly

loan records

But some people do not want that. They want to take out a loan, with the loan amount they can do what they want – and without having to inform anyone about it. This eliminates numerous loan offers automatically. This is especially true for loans that have to be applied for at the bank branch. Of course, there are also loans available that do not provide a financing purpose. However, there is no way around the conversation with the bank consultant, which many people do not like.

Anyone who wants to take out a loan with free use finances better online. Thus, the loan application can be completely uncomplicated over the Internet without a call. In addition, the range of loans without earmarking is particularly large there. It offers the opportunity to finance on attractive terms.


Compare loan conditions and save money

Compare loan conditions and save money

The search for a low-interest unsecured loan could not be easier. Finally, there is our online comparison. Based on the information provided, our experienced financing specialists check which bank or direct bank offers the ideal financing solution. The advantage here: We are happy to help you to optimize the financing in advance. As a result, borrowers benefit twice. On the one hand, the loan is optimally tailored to the personal situation. On the other hand, he also scores on the interest rate.

Our online comparison for plain loans is very easy to use. Just a few personal details and financing projects are enough to allow our experts to evaluate numerous financing offers. Afterwards they explain which financing fits best. Of course, the intended use does not have to be mentioned, it remains a private matter.

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