The road in front of Shukhobristi

KOLKATA: Still reeling from the aftermath of last week’s waterlogging, residents of New Town and Salt Lake have been anxiously awaiting another wave of misery with the prediction of depression. Fortunately, however, relatively lower rainfall and certain preventive measures taken by civic authorities have prevented the municipalities from being flooded again.
As it started to rain on Wednesday morning, there was a slight build-up of water in some of the New Town lanes, but it receded quickly. “We have not allowed the 20 HP pump used last week to be removed. The pump was actuated again today to remove the water. Second, the plastics were removed from the adjacent culvert and the drainage lines were cleaned. However, it is difficult to say what would have happened if it had sunk again, ”said Mainak Kanrar, a resident of the Shukhobristi residential complex.
“There was no congestion on Wednesday. We had kept a pump ready to drain the water, ”said Rakesh Gupta, a resident of Balaka Abason, another dwelling which was severely affected by the waterlogging.
“We had taken several preventive measures. A control room was opened and all of our engineers were on the road to monitor. Drainage lines were cleaned and officers were monitoring the sandbag wall on the sides of the canals for holes. All the pumping stations and pumps worked early in the morning, ”said an official with the New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA).
Also in nearby Salt Lake, no major waterlogging has been reported. The Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) operated a control room from the civic body’s headquarters and the drainage pipes across the township have been cleaned up in the past few days. Pumps were operated to evacuate the water to the peripheral canals.
BMC and NKDA are working on plans with the Irrigation Department, PHE and KMDA authorities to renovate the Kestopur and Bagjola canals. The canal is liable to be dredged and desalinated and the height of the banks may be raised. In addition, the lock gates will likely be repaired and fences will be put in place to prevent the dumping of waste. Work should be resumed after the Pujas.


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