The weeping angels are back! (Photo: Rex / BBC)

Doctor Who: Flux has seen the return of some absolutely iconic monsters – and now it’s time for one of fan favorites, the Weeping Angels.

Created by former chief writer Steven Moffat and first appearing in the three-part Blink series, the Angels are considered by some fans to be one of the most terrifying monsters ever created for science fiction.

To the uninitiated, when you look at them they look like stone statues – but look away and they can get closer and closer.

They live off the energy of time, often eradicating victims by letting them fall into the past and letting them live their lives in a different time frame – but they’re not above breaking a few necks when the situation suits them. .

Psychotherapist Noel McDermott has revealed that it’s the way angels tend to suddenly appear from the periphery or from behind a character and their threatening behavior that most invokes our fear response.

“As primates who developed forward-facing eyes because we settled in trees some time ago, although we have a great depth of vision, we don’t have a great field of view. , let’s say like a lizard because it has eyes on the side of its head, “he explained to

“We are massively listening to try to compensate for this problem in times of threat. Our peripheral vision improves and anything that emerges from behind, or our periphery, takes priority for threat assessment when we are afraid.

And their absolutely terrifying faces don’t help.

McDermott added: “There are a number of things that we’re very much in tune with during the threat, with facial recognition being of paramount importance – is that a threat face or a friendly face?

“Our perceptions include our visual awareness and there is a direct physical stimulus that actually bypasses the eyes and goes straight to the fear center (the amygdala) when trying to assess threat faces. We can literally sense whether a face is a threat or not. This is before our eyes have even had a chance to capture the image and send it to the brain for analysis.

Jodie Whittaker as a doctor in Doctor Who

The Doctor will come face to face with his former enemies (Photo: BBC Studios / James Pardon)

Commenting on one of the Angels’ first appearances, when they attacked Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan) and Larry Nightingale (Finlay Robertson) in Blink, McDermott went on to say, “This streak plays into these processes which are our most self-sufficient ( unconscious / not available to reason) Threat Mechanisms This process is the “fail, don’t collect £ 200, go straight to jail” fear responses which are body responses and not brain responses. are reflective.

“It’s the same as the frozen statues game that kids love to play. We love this level of hyper stimulation. This scene is very well done and brilliantly stimulates that fear reaction. ‘

The Weeping Angels have been brought back several times since Blink, with writer Moffat previously telling us that he hates the idea that the show will ever stay “true” to its creation.

“Anytime you bring back a Doctor Who monster, you should be slightly irreverent with it,” he stressed. “You shouldn’t be sticking to all the rules. You should break a few. This is how it works, otherwise you are just erecting a monument to the past and it just doesn’t work.

“Within Doctor Who there’s a dynamic balance between being respectful and being truly iconoclastic, saying, ‘Yeah, but what if we do it that way? “or just do something cheeky with it. If you don’t, it doesn’t really sound like Doctor Who. It’s respectful, serious and important, these are tedious qualities that should never be involved in Doctor Who. ! ‘

Doctor Who Flux: Village of the Angels will air on BBC One Sunday at 6:20 p.m. ET.

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