The recent victory, sending Peru to its first World Cup since 1982 sparked such an intense and sudden celebration that he triggered earthquake warning systems in the capital.

The “earthquake” started after 27 minutes of the game when Peruvian Jefferson Farfan scored an impressive goal to put Peru up 1-0 against New Zealand. Qualifying for the World Cup is a precious moment in the lives of many football fans and it was evident in the celebration that ensued after Farfan’s goal.

Christian Cueva’s fine assist to Farfan allowed him to shoot a direct shot near the penalty spot. As Farfan hits his target, you can hear the stadium bursting with joy (the target is at 1:58 in the video below).

These celebrations were enough to suddenly trigger several earthquake detection systems in Lima, the capital of Peru. While Peruvians are used to small tremors in this seismically active part of the world, I doubt many have ever experienced a man-made earthquake.

As Farfan scored the decisive goal, residents of Lima city and the stadium immediately celebrated by jumping up and down. This produced a sufficient seismic wave to be recorded as a 1.0 M earthquake in the city by the Geophysical Institute of Peru.

In fact, the initial wave that shook the ground was measured across the city as locals jumped all over the place at the same time. After that, there were side waves caused by the continuous celebrations at the National Stadium in Lima. The celebrations of the people of Lima triggered the Sismo Detector app, an earthquake early warning app, to send alerts to the people of Lima.

After realizing the origin of the earthquake, Sismologia Chile sent the above tweet, which translates to: “AMAZING | The earthquake detector alarm would be activated in the district of Lima due to the celebration from Peru’s goal to New Zealand. “

While Peru secured their place in Russia this summer for the World Cup, they also earned the badge of one of the loudest fans in the world.

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