The G7 in Cornwall will be remembered for many things, be it the “many serious issues” US President Joe Biden told a Catholic priest, or the “Covid-safe barbecue” world leaders have had on their last night in the south normally asleep. western corner of England.

However, it also gave an apparent boost to Cornish independence and Cornish rights group Kernow Matters To Us, which described it as “perhaps the most successful manifestation of identity. Cornish to this day ”.

The group was formed in 2015 to ‘proclaim and celebrate Cornish culture and support the’ Cornish national minority ‘.

They said their presence at the G7 “received positive support from the general public and even from the police who waved and blew their horns as they passed.”

“The independence movement in Cornwall has grown steadily and steadily in recent years as the people of this ancient Celtic nation, once a full-fledged Brythonic kingdom, seek the right to determine their own future,” they said. declared.

“In the meantime, we have increased the support of our cousins ​​in Scotland and our siblings in Wales… and we have even liaised with the ‘Yes’ groups in Brittany and have strong ties with others. Celtic nations. ”

They also have their own All Under One Banner group, AUOB Kernow – the former name of Cornwall.

Cornish journalist Rebecca Tidy said successive Westminster governments had abandoned the coastal towns on the outskirts of our so-called UK for decades, and drug traffickers visiting the towns had invested more than money in local businesses than politicians.

In an opinion piece for Bella Caledonia, she said all hands were on the bridge for the arrival of world leaders at Carbis Bay, near St Ives.

“Cornwall council – still keen to make the Westminster offer – forcibly evicted over 130 homeless people from St Ives’ B & Bs to make room for G7 guests,” she said.

“And on the road to the seaside resort of Newquay, five vulnerable women have been ordered to leave their emergency accommodation, so that the British police have a place to stay during preparations for the summit.

“A local woman with schizophrenia has been left by the side of the road with her belongings in black garbage bags, while another lady in her 50s sleeps in her car as she refuses to cross the border with the England for an hour and a half for the duration of the big event – she said she had never left Cornwall before.

Tidy said many residents lost their jobs because of the summit as minibus and taxi drivers were unable to get in and out of the city. Many had taken an extra week of unpaid annual leave.

The rally was, she said, a “painful visual reminder” that Cornish people are often left outside, watching their wealthier English neighbors.

She said it was no surprise that the people of Cornwall are coming together to send a clear message to English politicians that they need their independence, and added: “Over the next week there will be huge protests against the G7 and Westminster’s continued desire to treat the Duchy as a playground for the elite, whether they are world leaders or wealthy second home owners.

“Next month will certainly bring a seemingly endless stream of well-known politicians posing for the obligatory photo, whereby they recklessly reduce our culture to mushy tea or cream.

“But the Cornish nationalists will carry banners, fly the flags of St Piran and make it known that there is an alternative to English rule, with a future that does not make us dependent on the scraps of the Westminster table.”

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