Liverpool have scored a lot of goals this season. Many.

In fact, Jürgen Klopp’s players have scored over 70 goals in all competitions in the first four months of the campaign.

Plus, they come from all directions and in varying styles, there are few goals Liverpool haven’t scored this season. have decided to reduce 70 of those goals to the best five of the season so far. The list is of course entirely subjective, of course.

For the sake of variety, we only allowed one player to participate, otherwise we could make a top five based only on Mohamed Salah!

If you don’t agree with our choices, let us know in the comments section below.

Mohamed Salah vs. Man City

This clash between the two best teams in the championship was eagerly awaited. Liverpool struck first thanks to Sadio Mané after a wonderful assist from Salah late in the first half.

Not wanting your strike partner to claim all the glory. Salah put Liverpool back in the lead after Phil Foden equalized in the 68th minute with a smart finish.

Salah retrieved the ball from the outskirts of the City box, he danced past João Cancelo, Bernardo Silva and Foden in a tight space before sending Aymeric Laporte into the shops as he advanced into the city box with a neat mannequin. Salah then kicked the ball at an angle with his right foot and watched it fly into the opposite corner of City’s goal, throwing Anfield into mass hysteria.

It will be difficult for the Egyptian to achieve that goal this season.

Trent Alexander-Arnold v Newcastle

The purest strike of a football that we will see all season? Trent Alexander-Arnold couldn’t have kicked the ball more smoothly than in the 3-1 win over Newcastle.

Liverpool were heading for another victory. Newcastle had offered little or no resistance, really. As the game drew to a close with only three minutes left on the clock, Roberto Firmino placed the right-back 25 yards from Newcastle’s goal.

Alexander-Arnold was, oddly, on the left side of the pitch. He took a touch to place the ball and the second touch was pure power. The ball exploded, in the truest sense of the word, in the top corner of Martin Dubvraka’s goal, leaving him absolutely no chance to save the ball.

It was such a pure, crisp, clean strike, and in many ways sums up Alexander-Arnold’s unique technique with a soccer ball.


Naby Keita vs. Atlético Madrid

The Guinean had such a good start to the season before an injury improved his form. Keïta also scored in goals with a certain regularity at the start of the season.

He scored two great ends, but only one of them is included in our list. If the one against Crystal Palace was brilliant, the one against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League was slightly better, given the difference in the quality of goalkeeper between Jan Oblak and Vicente Guaita, no offense to the latter.

Alexander-Arnold’s deep cross was only half cleared by Atleti’s defense, the ball goes towards Keïta, who is posted at the edge of the box. Keïta launches a first end of volley which cannons in the corner of Oblak’s goal.

His goal gave Liverpool a 2-0 lead in the Spanish capital, which ultimately ended in a 3-2 victory.

Diogo Jota v Arsenal

This goal concerns the movement of the Portuguese international. It’s not on the list because of technique or power or a fantastically worked goal, it’s just Jota’s ingenuity and the effects of Liverpool’s relentless pressing.

Liverpool were leading 1-0 against the Gunners when Nuno Tavares decided to try to get the ball out of his own half. Liverpool invaded the left-back and he panicked, passing the ball straight to Jota at the edge of his own box.

Jota then sent Arsenal defender Ben White to lay down with a gorgeous dummy, before rounding goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale and bringing the ball home into an empty net.

It was a remarkable display of poise on Jota’s part, and it was further proof of the damage Liverpool can do by pressing so high on the pitch.

Thiago Alcântara vs Porto

The technique on this goal from Thiago is simply outrageous. Even now, we still don’t know if the ball hit the grass en route to the bottom corner of Porto’s goal.

The goal has been looked at over and over again, and again we cannot say for sure. If Thiago could ever score a goal that sums up his handling of a soccer ball, this is it.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s whipped free kick is headed by Porto and the ball lands at the Spaniard’s feet. Thiago puts his body on top of the ball and hits it for the first time, putting out outrageous levels of curvature – but a controlled turn – as he walks towards the corner of the goal.

It’s a lens that you can look at a hundred times without ever getting tired of it. It’s just a magnificent goal, and not just one of the best of the season, but possibly the best of Thiago’s career.


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