Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said Olivia Gordon, 28, has been charged with robbery, identity theft and other crimes for allegedly stealing nearly $ 150,000 from a patient elderly in a rehabilitation center in Far Rockaway where she worked as director of social services in 2019.

The defendant is also accused of setting things in motion to inherit the victim’s $ 1 million annuity.

“Instead of doing her job and looking out for this elderly woman’s best interests, this social worker would have let greed guide her actions,” Katz said. “Not only is this defendant accused of making huge withdrawals of money from the 90-year-old woman’s bank account, but she also set things in motion to take control of a million-dollar annuity. of dollars. This kind of manipulation and deception is not only immoral, but criminal, and the accused now faces very serious charges. ”

Gordon, of Hempstead, Long Island, was arraigned in Queens Criminal Court with Judge David Kirschner charging her with attempted first degree robbery, second degree robbery, criminal possession of second degree stolen property , first degree identity theft and illegal possession of third degree personal identification information.

The judge set the accused’s return date for May 4, 2021. Gordon faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Katz said that between March and July 2019, Gordon was a social worker at a rehabilitation and health care center in Far Rockaway. The 90-year-old was a patient at the time – she had been transferred there from a hospital following a fall at her Brooklyn home. As part of the defendant’s duties, she had access to the complainant’s personal information, including bank account statements and an annuity.

Shortly after obtaining the bank documents, according to the charges, Gordon allegedly began siphoning money from the elderly woman’s bank account. As of May 2019, the defendant is said to have withdrawn $ 12,996 from the patient’s account. Further withdrawals followed for $ 2,748; $ 21,171 and the largest single withdrawal of $ 106,148.

The prosecutor said, according to the charges, that the defendant’s Bank of America account received a credit in the amount of $ 12,996. Gordon’s Visa Capital One account was credited with $ 2,748 and his Discover card was paid $ 21,171. A review of the defendant’s federal student loan records revealed a single lump sum payment of $ 106,148 that paid off the defendant’s student loan account on or around June 20, 2019.

Continuing, DA Katz said, the company holding an annuity for the elderly woman received a fax on May 7, 2019 of a beneficiary form from Gordon along with a handwritten note. The defendant reportedly told the financial institution that she was the 90-year-old’s “babysitter / pseudo-granddaughter” and a few days later sent a second fax with a note requesting a distribution of money. The company did not disburse any money because it was unable to contact the elderly woman directly to verify the claim.

If anyone believes that he or someone they know over the age of 60 has been a victim, please call the Elderly Fraud Unit at (718) 286-6578.

The investigation was conducted jointly by the Elderly Fraud Unit and Detective Kimberly Ortiz of the QDA Detective Bureau, under the supervision of Sgt. Patrick Dolan, sergeant. Edwin Driscoll, Lieutenant John Kenna, Deputy Chief Daniel O’Brien and Chief Edwin Murphy.

Deputy District Attorney Christine Burke, Section Head of the District Attorney’s Elderly Fraud Unit in the Fraud Office, is pursuing the case with the assistance of paralegal Daren Wilkes, under supervision Deputy District Attorneys Joseph Conley, Office Manager, Herman Wun, Deputy Chief, and under the general supervision of Deputy District Investigative Prosecutor, Gerard Brave.

Complaints and criminal charges are accusations. An accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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