The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Wednesday launched a TV channel selection web portal for consumers who could not access its mobile phone app of the same name due to lack of smartphone.

The TV Channel Selector smartphone app was launched on June 25 of last year, allowing users to check their subscription, change it, view all channels provided by their cable operators, and choose channels from. interest within the framework of a regulatory framework notified in December 2018.

It then noted that consumers had encountered difficulties in choosing the television channels of their choice on the web portal and mobile applications of their respective operators.

“TRAI has now developed the TV Channel Selector web portal also to facilitate subscribers who do not own a smart phone or wish to use web browsers. The main feature of the application and the portal is the optimization of the subscription before let it not be sent to the DTH / cable operator, so that subscribers can get the best value for money, ”the authority said in its notification.

He also said that the portal has all the existing features of the app as well as a download function and will help subscribers to verify their own subscription, view all channels and packages provided by their DTH and cable operators, and to choose only the channels of interest and remove unwanted ones. those.

The portal will help subscribers “to get optimized solutions and the best combination of user-selected channels / packages at the same or lower price”.

TRAI said the portal will help subscribers change their subscription, check the real-time status of subscription request, add channels in the applicable NCF (network capacity charge), and download and print the subscription. current subscription.

“Users can provide feedback by activating the ‘Feedback’ option available in the problem / feedback menu on the portal. The application and the TV Channel Selector portal are currently operational with 16 DTH and cable operators. other service providers whose system is capable of communicating through an API (application program interface) with this platform, ”said TRAI.

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